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Mini skip loader & mini skip trucks

At we have been in the waste industry for over 40 years we also run a skip company
we have vast knowledge of all aspects of the waste industry this helped develop tour skip body design
as fuel price increases and labour costs a more effective option is needed to stay competitive.

Many mini skip lorry’s that are on the market are to small to take a normal skip or do not have the lifting capacity.
our skip trucks will lift multiple 8 yard skips making them ideal for deliveries and collection of smaller skips
and can be fitted to all types of 3.5-7.5 ton vehicles.

So if you are looking for a mini skip loader  truck give us a call we also have second hand vehicles in stock

We have also work and do repairs on mini skip vans / on hydraulic systems and body’s also
repair work on other mini skip body trucks we have seen an increase
in work in widening mini skip trucks this is something we can accommodate.

Call us today for anything mini skips.

Tel 07960756020 / 01482227468

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Tel 07960756020
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