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Looking for a hose crimping machine?

Don’t want to pay ridiculous prices you’re in the right place
We import direct from the factories to the UK no middle men no agents
You’re buying our own swage hose crimping machine direct from the factory

We stock 2 machines
12 volt Hydraulic Swaging Machines £2300 + vat
240 volt Hydraulic Swaging Machines 2250 + vat
Our hose crimpers can crimp ¼ up to 2” however it is possible to crimp up to 2 ½ with the machine
The hose crimpers will crimp swage any hose ferrule so is suitable for:
Hydraulic hose making
Water hose
Pressure washer hose
And anything else you can fit in them
We are now supplying our machines to resellers so if you are a company looking for a machine supplier we offer 2 options
You can have a machine from our UK stock or we can add you order to our monthly shipment sent direct to you from the docks
If you chose to add to our regular shipment this is a very cost effective way however this is only available for more than 3 machines in one order.
If you have any questions please call us on 01482 227468 / 07960756020
We are so confident in our machines

We offer a 7 day no question money back warranty
if you’re not happy with the hydraulic hose swaging machine return it and you will receive a full refund no questions asked.

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